A Tool to control Day-to-day Management hustle
for PCB manufacturing industry.

Designed to streamline your manufacturing processes, optimize your resources, and help you make data-driven decisions.

CMFLY Features & Benefits

Real-time Quality Control:
Rely on CMFLY's real-time quality control for precision, ensuring that every product aligns with your stringent standards, ultimately minimizing defects and rework.

Automated Reporting:
Wave goodbye to manual data tasks. CMFLY automates reporting, delivering precise insights for easy data-driven decisions.

Quality Management:
Enhance product quality with CMFLY's powerful quality management tools, enabling you to pinpoint improvements and implement changes confidently.

Customizable Dashboards:
Tailor your experience with CMFLY by creating personalized dashboards. Monitor key metrics, track progress, and adapt to your evolving needs with ease.

User-friendly Interface:
Commence your operations promptly using CMFLY's intuitively designed user-friendly interface. Experience the advantage of reducing staff training time, which, in turn, will significantly enhance overall operational efficiency.

Collaborative Workflow:
Cultivate teamwork and communication within your production groups. Simplify procedures, ensuring unity in approach.

What CMFLY Manages?

1. Sales

2. Planning

3. Production

4. Quality Control

5. Packaging

6. Dispatched

7. Support


Cmfly is the quintessential solution for PCB manufacturing enterprises. Crafted to perfection, it streamlines production, anticipates demand, and masters inventory management.

Cmfly operates as the maestro of data, orchestrating historical insights, production metrics, and inventory intricacies into precise demand forecasts. Its real-time production insights are the virtuoso's touch, harmonizing schedules and minimizing waste with unmatched finesse.

Cmfly spells out excellence with benefits that matter: heightened production efficiency, precision in inventory mastery, waste reduction, and spot-on demand forecasting. Plus, it's your proactive shield, nipping production woes in the bud.

Absolutely, Cmfly is engineered for seamless user experience. Tailored dashboards and teamwork-boosting workflows guarantee effortless navigation and understanding.